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next - NX500 系列

next - NX500 系列

  • 类    型:厨卫
  • 品    牌:next125
  • 产品详情:操作岛台:使用创新性的陶瓷材料,结合实木制作而成 悬浮式高柜:使用专用五金挂件,将嵌入式冰箱等高柜悬挂于墙面之上 悬浮式地柜:使用专用五金挂件,将水槽柜等地柜悬挂安装并结合next cube 墙面功能系统

next125Design in harmony with nature and price – next125. This is our philosophy. This is our claim. To create international design – moving and fascinating. Spacious and well thought out in detail. Awarded and sustainably produced – at a surprisingly reasonable price.查看更多 >>

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